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Kari Kamiya Dopey Mew kiwifarms. Log in. They often studied and practiced spells together. There are other notable textual examples to support the trans Snape theory, according to Ensnapingthesenses—small things like, during a flashback in The Deathly Hallows , when the child Snape is seen wearing her mother Eileen's blouse. Fatuma explained to Broadly their belief that J. So Blaise took Cedric up on his offer.
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13 Harry Potter Posts That'll Make You Laugh, And 12 That Will Make You Sob

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Harry Potter Tumblr Posts 2 - Album on Imgur

LocalFireDept kiwifarms. The theory is that Dumbledore is Death himself. To Ensnapingthesenses, "Lupin's extremely personal mockery of the Snape-boggart which comes out of a closet! So while SJWs and assorted hipster twats are as obnoxious as ever, they are not wrong in saying that JK was just paying their dumb shit lip service solely for more sales and to sic them upon people she dislikes without actually being genuine about believing or acting on any of it. Cedric had many friends, many acquaintances.
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'Harry Potter' Dumbledore Death Theory Explodes On Tumblr, Is Going To Explode Your Mind

Cedric would have. He likely would never come out to anyone else while at Hogwarts, but Cedric knew a true part of himself. Just their regular school uniform.
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Who is it who gives Harry Potter the Cloak of Invisibility? Dumbledore has been Death all this time, and we never even knew. One of Snape's closely kept secrets was her Patronus charm—a powerful protective spell that manifests as an animal, which spiritually represents the person casting it. Next article why are most gay functions nasty
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